This is an incredibly simple addon. Basically, I wanted a power aura for ShadowBurn to display the instant it was available for spamming (Meaning the mob has reached the health requirement).

I'm a very visual person and get distracted easily. I didn't want to install Power Auras or Weak Auras. So instead I made a really small addon that uses the built in Blizzard Power Auras to display a notifier for me. You can change it to whatever you like by editing the addon source file. If you don't know what your doing, then don't ask. That is only for advance users.

What this addon does?
Displays a blizzard power aura when Warlock Destruction Shadowburn is ready for spammage!

P.S: I know that this addon does not support Green Fire. I'm using the built in Blizzard Power Auras, therefore only the Warlock Power Auras would have green fire alternatives. The one used in this addon is not related to Warlocks (so it doesn't have a green fire version). If someone would like to make a modified one for Green Fire, I'd gladly appreciate it. Otherwise I don't have enough artistic skills to create one. (So the likelihood of me adding support for it in this addon is extremely remote.)


I'm sorry but there are just way too many addon websites to keep track of. Instead of checking each one, I use the GIT repo to distribute the updates through the web. I've disabled comments here because I want everything to be in one central location.


OR use GitHub to report bugs. Github tracker.

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